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Making your Web-Site more exciting

 I have been only making LOGO'S for about 6 months now. I started out making a couple for my own Web-Site, then a couple friends asked me to make them a couple, then some of their friends asked me to make a couple, and so on...and so on..... So here I am....


 I am still kinda new in some aspects of designing LOGO's, so until I know I can do everything I will keep making them FREE for you. I will post a link up where you will be able to go and FILL-OUT a FORM. This form will be the key to your new FREE LOGO. The more information you can provide the better the LOGO will turn out. This FORM will be linked to one of my other premium sites so I can utilize the email form option.


How It Works

Once you have completed the FREE LOGO FORM, I will begin working on your FREE LOGO. I usually get a test LOGO done pretty quick. From here I will email you the TEST LOGO and await your response. If you like where your LOGO is going or if you don't like it or if you want to see some changes now is the time to say so.. Don't worry , be honest.. I can take it... Just reply back to the email with your thoughts. Once I get your reply, I will start on the real LOGO! I can do a lot of different animations or affects to your LOGO. Once again, the more info I know the better. If you have a special FONT or a favorit COLOR, there will be a spot for you to specify. I can make your LOGO any SIZE. If you have already have a LOGO on your Web-Site that you like, but wish you could change it some how to make it more attractive, there will be a spot for that to. Or maybe you found a "NON-COPYRIGHT" image somewhere on the net that you like and wish you could add something or change it somehow to make it yours, there will be a spot for that to.

Now making FREE LOGO'S for your Account